A Brief Introduction to Countertop Edges

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So you’ve gone through the process of choosing your countertop material. You’ve looked through tons of samples and found something you love—but the job isn’t over yet. Now, you’ve got to pick your edge profile.

The edge is one of the most defining features of a countertop. This is what you, your friends, and your family will gather around every time you congregate in the kitchen. It’s what you’ll sit next to, lean on, and probably bump into.

In this article, we’ll go over some popular countertop edge profiles so you can get an idea of what suits your remodel best.

Keep in mind that all of our edges at Benchmark Surfaces are routed on a CNC machine that offers unparalleled quality. If you don’t see an edge profile you like, let us know, and we can most likely create one for you.

Countertop Edge Profiles

Here is a brief rundown of popular countertop edges:

  • Eased Edge
      • An eased edge, also called a polished edge, is a great choice for simple and modern countertops. It pairs well with shaker-style cabinets and has a square and crisp look—but don’t worry, it isn’t sharp to the touch. The sides and corners are slightly smoothed in order to prevent injury and chipping.
  • Rounded Edge
      • We allow for variations on the polished edge, and these variations can create a more rounded edge for a softer look. The aesthetic is still clean and simple, but the rounder edge actually strengthens the integrity of the countertop and creates less likelihood of chipping.
  • Full Bullnose Edge
      • This is the roundest type of edge, as it’s rounded from top to bottom. This edge is popular in households with young children, but it can make a countertop look a bit thin. For this reason, some people choose to go with a half bullnose, which is rounded only at the top.
  • Beveled Edge
      • Most beveled edges are 45 degrees but can be anything less than 90. They add a decorative flair that can enhance a contemporary or traditional kitchen.
  • Ogee Edge
      • With a gentle S curve, this intricate edge can be found in many traditional kitchens. It can be hard to keep clean, but its elegant appearance makes it all worth it.
  • Chiseled Edge
      • This type of edge leaves natural stone exposed on the side, which makes for a rustic, natural look.
  • Mitered Edge
    • A mitered edge counter creates a seamless edge between the top of a countertop and a second piece of stone that joins it to create a waterfall panel. A mitered seam wraps the pattern from the horizontal surface to the vertical one.


Your Countertop Edge Options

At Benchmark Surfaces, we offer all you could ask for when it comes to profile edges for granite, quartz, marble, and more. To learn more about countertop edges and what type might suit your home best, reach out to us today.

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