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Simply, send us a layout to One of our associates will reply promptly with an estimate.
For new kitchens, the cabinets must be installed and leveled. All appliances must be on site if not, please have detailed specs. If your kitchen has a range-top, please have that unit installed. For stoves that require a piece behind please have that unit in place. Please be on site when we come to measure as many details of your project are discussed.
Benchmark Surfaces accepts check, cash and credit.
If you are using one of our in house sinks you do not it as we have all of the proper specifications. Clients who are using farm house sinks must have this installed prior to templating. If you will be supplying your own sink, please have this on site. Although our facility is equipped to cut sinks from .DXF files we always like to double check prior to cutting the hole.
A 50% deposit is collected upon field measurements. At this point our technician will go over stone choice, edge profiles, radii and sinks.
Once the job is completed our installers will go over care and maintenece of your new surface. You will be able to inspect your new product, ask any questions. At this point, the final balance is given to our installers.
On average, our turn-around time is five to seven business days. At Benchmark Surfaces, we strive to set a standard in stone fabrication and will not cut corners to have a project in and out of our shop – quality takes time.
Yes, as long as the plumbing and any associated electrical is disconnected we will remove and dispose your existing top. Please consult your sales associate for pricing.
We are not licensed plumbers and do not engage in any plumbing work.
Our craftsmanship has a life-time warranty. For clients using a quartz surface, major brands have a warranty the end-user may contact directly.
You kitchen or vanity sink will be mounted on clips epoxied and fastened to your new surface. Some applications do not allow for this due to the sink base being to tight to accommodate the sink so different tested methods and techniques are applied.
Yes, please view our selection in our showroom or on our website.
We need a day or two notice to send one of our field technicians to the job site.
We service New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.
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We are always glad to schedule a meeting and discuss projects with our customers.

care & maintenance


Do not use products that contain lemon, orange, citrus, vinegar or other acids on the countertop. The high acid content can dull the finish.

When we install every piece of stone we seal it with a sealer that will protect it for 1 year, and every stone should be resealed every 8-12 months.


Clean stone surfaces with a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap, or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water.

Glass cleaner works well, but avoid glass cleaners that contain ammonia, such as regular Windex®. A good one to use that we have found is Glass Plus®


Clean the quartz counter with soap and warm water daily, if possible. Wipe them down more frequently, as needed, for honed surfaces.

Use a blunt, plastic scraper such as a putty knife. Scrape gently to remove hardened spills or buildup such as gum, grease, nail polish or paint.